In August 2008 I was contacted by Rod Ziolkowski, a physics and video teacher at Whitney High School in Cerritos, California. He was interested in using 60x365 for a project in his video class. He wanted students to each select a piece from the archive and create a one-minute video for it. I was thrilled at the idea and told him to go for it.

As the project got underway I had a conversation with the students via teleconference. They asked insightful questions and were a lot of fun to talk to. When their videos were finished, I flew to California to attend the class screening.

The students had worked in teams of two, with each team making two videos. They selected the one that they felt was stronger for the screening. Each of the 26 videos shown that day were well conceived and well made. These students were excited by this project and it showed. The experience was very rewarding for me as well, and led to the formalization of 60x365: Re-Imaginings.














David Morneau

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