thisisthis from Kristin Hapke on Vimeo.

thisisthis is the second dance performance created by Kristin Hapke using 60x365. For this piece she brought the music into the studio first to experiment with many of the pieces as she developed the choreography. The daily nature of 60x365 appealed to her conceptually as she developed thisisthis. Her selections and their arrangement reflect the day-to-day diversity of the project.

Ultimately she selected 14 pieces that she liked. I consulted on their ordering, but that is largely her work too. The pieces she used are: Loose Change, OTC 1, 60x60 Redux, Guitar Dream, Waiting, Restless Night, Simple Sin(e) 8, Subway Break, This is This, Sketch, String Cheese, Man-Bull, Here, I'll Play It Again, and Nostalgic Relief

thisisthis was presented on January 23-25, 2009, at the Velocity Dance Center in Seattle with Kathryn Hightower, Lucille June, Eliza Larson, Jessica Schroeder, Rebecca Sheperd, and Sara Wiseman.



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