Dance-A-Day, Boris Willis's daily dance podcast, is not technically part of the Re-Imaginings project as it was created concurrently with 60x365. Boris made a new dance every day May 11, 2007 — May 11, 2008. His project was one of two that inspired me to make 60x365.

During the period that we were both 'live' we collaborated on our Friday postings. One week Boris would send me a video that needed music. The next week I would send him music that needed a dance. Together we collaborated on 43 pieces throughout our podcast year.
Six of my favorite collaborations are:

Also, in January 2008, Boris performed live with six of my pieces. He had people in the audience video-tape his performance so that he could post it on Dance-A-Day. The six pieces he used are: Scanner, Gl!itch (Tar), Bells, Guitar Dream, Building a Basket Case, & String Cheese. Here are his dances:




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