60x365: Re-Imaginings is the next phase of my 60x365 podcast. I am extending an invitation to artists of any level and background to us use the music I created for 60x365 as the starting point for new pieces—in any media and in any style. All pieces made for Re-Imaginings will be posted here, building a worldwide community around this project.

Re-Imaginings is designed around the one-minute format of 60x365. Part of a growing aesthetic of short, ‘signature’ pieces, this miniature format encourages artists to explore new styles and ideas in a concise manner. A quick survey of the 60x365 archives will reveal an eclectic mix of genres and styles. The miniature concept is perfect for artists looking for a place to experiment with new ideas, styles and forms. Join in today.



David Morneau

Dedham High School videos 2010
Kristin Hapke's thisisthis
Matthew Dotson's 60 Morneaus
Whitney High School Videos
Kristin Hapke's Twine
Boris Willis's Dance-A-Day


60x365 Expansions

Box Shy
Boop Boop Beep